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How it all began

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The Archetype concept is based on each individual having their own innate personality. We understand and respect that fashion is a way for individuals to express their unique style. Fashion allows people to showcase their creativity and individuality. However, it is undeniable that the fast fashion industry has become profit-driven at the expense of ethical and environmental concerns.

At Archetype Accessories, we wanted to offer something different. We started with humble beginnings of mood boards, magazine cutouts, and sketches. Through this creative process, we developed patterns that would suit each archetype personality. As we delved deeper into our designs, we explored the Scottish manufacturing industry and its rich heritage.

Incorporating our Scottish roots into our designs, we selected Celtic emblems representing different archetypes and gave them a modern twist. Additionally, we recreated traditional textile patterns to be used across our labels. Our brand colors and product color palettes are inspired by the ancient color schemes used in tartan designs. These muted colors were commonly derived from berries and wildflowers, reflecting the natural resources available to each clan in Scotland. While we embrace these traditional tones, we also incorporate modern variations in our designs.

As a business, we hope to continue growing and offering new products that bring together Scotland's textile talent pool of innovators, textile weavers, and manufacturers. Our goal is to provide unique accessories for those who appreciate both style and sustainability.

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