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Know Your Celtic Knots

It is thought that Celtic culture stretches back to around 1200 BC when the Celtic people began to collect in tribes across central Europe. Did you know that each Celtic symbol was used by the Celts to communicate in the earliest days of their civilisation? This then evolved and each symbol gained its own meaning either by certainty or fable. Scotland is very proud of its ancient heritage and Scottish Celtic designs are now commonplace on decorative items and highland wear such as sporrans broaches and kilt pins.

We thought why not have each symbol reflected in our different product ranges. So through research sketches and reading of old tales and fables our Archetype ranges were born. Taking the profound heritage of our ancestors and blending with contemporary New Hampton style athleisure and scandi living to give it a more modern twist. Basically whenever you purchase that trendy T from our shop you can be sure you’re getting a bit of culture and heritage flung in for free!

But what do the symbols mean? Lets see…

The Solomon’s Knot

Of The Solomon's knot is used in our apparel range to embody the Royal archetype. It is believed that this knot symbolizes wisdom and power, making it the perfect choice for those who exude regality and authority. Rock this symbol and channel your inner king or queen.

The Celtic Triskeles

The Celtic Triskeles, also known as the Celtic Triskelion design, is featured in our adventurer range. Each spiral of this tri spiral symbol represents a different element of the earth: Air, Fire, and Water. According to Celtic beliefs, this powerful symbol offers protection against the elements, making it ideal for those wanderers always seeking their next thrilling adventure.

The Celtic Carolingian Cross

The Celtic Carolingian Cross is a contemporary twist on the classic Carolingian Cross symbol. This Celtic design holds deep meaning and is associated with divine blessings and protection. Show off this unique cross and embrace its spiritual significance.

The Celtic Triquetra

Also known as the trinity knot, the Celtic Triquetra represents the three stages of the female form. Not only does it symbolise femininity, but it also brings the essence of protection and guardianship. Embrace your inner guardian and wear this symbol with pride.

The Eternity Knot

The Eternity knot is visually beautiful, resembling a woven rope or cord. Its meaning is closely related to eternal youth, beauty, and immortality, symbolizing the innocent archetype. Wear this knot and express the everlasting nature of your youthful spirit.

The Five Fold Celtic Rings

This symbol may not be as well-known, but they hold significant meaning. These rings represent inner balance and harmony. Each ring stands for one of the five basic elements: air, earth, fire, water, and the sun. Together, they form a cohesive image, just as all the elements and traits of a person form their true self. Embrace your inner zen and showcase your harmonious nature with these rings.

The Celtic Lotus Flower

If you identify with the creator archetype you’ll know all too well how you have an innate ability to create something beautiful and desirable from nothing. We developed our own Celtic inspired emblem based on the lotus flower. Symbolising rebirth, invention and creation which we believe pretty much sums up the creator archetype. 

The Celtic Ailm

The Ailm, one of the most significant Celtic symbols, is derived from the letter “A” of the Celtic Ogham alphabet. The Ailm was a Celtic symbol for strength and endurance for the ancient celts, evolking not only physical strength but spiritual and mental as well. Used in our archetype range to represent the Hero archetype and the enduring qualities that they possess. 

The Dara Knot

The name 'Dara' derives from the Gaeilge word 'dair', which means 'oak tree'. In Celtic culture, the roots of trees connect to ancestors and all living things. The sage, with their insight, wisdom, and intellect, strive for self-development. The Dara knot is an ideal representation of this higher state of being, reminding us of the power of accepting that all things in life are connected and intertwined. That life is a journey of personal growth. 

The Taranis Wheel

In Celtic mythology, it was thought that  Thor, the mighty god of storms and thunder traveled the world at great speeds using the sacred Taranis wheel to produce lightning. The wheel is believed by the Celts to spin on the cosmic axis, creating sparks that are seen as lightning. Much like the magician archetype these sparks of lightning can be unpredictable and come on strong but exude energy and electricity like no other. The Taranis wheel is a representation of the power and transformative change that can be brought about by the Magician Archetype. 

The Celtic Spiral

An intriguing symbol, the unique spiral, is very common and found in nature and in our daily lives. No wonder, that the single spiral is believed to be the first Celtic symbol, one of the oldest man-made symbols. At first it would appear that the single spiral is a simple uncomplex design. However, what these spirals represent is just the opposite. The single spiral represents the path to the higher level of consciousness, representing the growth pattern and user of nature’s energy that creates, protects and sustains life. It is thought that the Celts used a Celtic spiral to represent the sun and its unwavering energy for life. Much like the advocate archetype with their hidden depth, steadfastness and joy fullness. 

The Celtic Shield

Really needing no introduction is the Celtic shield emblem. If you’ve ever watched the good old Scottish favourites of Brave Heart and Highlander you’ll be well accustomed to the Celtic shield. A potent symbol of protection, strength, and interconnectedness. It has been used by warriors in battle and by those seeking spiritual healing for centuries, and its significance continues to resonate today. Used in our outlaw designs to symbolise protection as these trail blazers fly the flag for greater causes. 

These Celtic symbols are more than just accessories. They embody deep meanings and offer a stylish way to express your true self. So go ahead, explore our range and find the perfect piece that resonates with your unique archetype.

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