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The Archetype Concept

Ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to shopping for clothes? There seems to be a never-ending sea of options, but very few items that genuinely capture your style and personality. Well, that could all change by identifying your fashion archetype.

What exactly is an archetype?

Think of it as a framework for your fashion persona or style. Your archetype will heavily influence your style choices, purchasing decisions, and brand affiliation. The idea of a fashion archetype fits neatly into the concept of slow fashion, urging us to be more conscious and intentional with our fashion choices.

So, what does this mean for you?

Firstly, it helps eliminate wastage and unwanted items in your wardrobe. It allows you to avoid the trappings of impulse buys and pushy marketing strategies. Understanding your archetype equips you with a better idea of what you genuinely want and need in your wardrobe. The result? A cleaner closet, more savings, and a style that perfectly encapsulates who you are.

Intrigued? Let’s explore some of the common archetypes. Once you’ve identified yours, you can streamline your style and wardrobe choices like never before!

The Royal – Distinguished, refined and attracted to the finer things in life. A born leader, the Royal exudes a powerful and commanding aura.

The Joker – Always at the centre of fun and laughter, the Joker’s energy and light-hearted spirit uplift everyone around them.

The Romantic – Open-hearted, selfless, and moved by beauty. Their sophisticated, romantic sensibilities are unmatched.

The Guardian – Kind, empathetic, and a source of comfort for all, the Guardian epitomises compassion and caring.

The Innocent – Full of optimism, honesty, and positivity. The Innocent carries an inspiring spirit of hope.

The Sage – Driven by wisdom, insight, and the quest for higher knowledge. The Sage’s depth is truly inspirational. 

The Magician – Charismatic and transformative, the Magician instigates change, wielding their knowledge and intuition like magic.

The Outlaw – Fearless, rebellious and rule-breaking, the Outlaw thrives in pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

The Creator – Blessed with an original and vivid imagination, the Creator breathes life into their vision with undeniable passion.

The Advocate – Approachable, understanding, and an exceptional friend, the Advocate always has your back.

The Hero – Resilient, brave, and triumphant in the face of adversity, the Hero archetype exudes strength and courage.

The Adventurer - Motivated by taking part in fun, exciting, activities and pursuits, Adventurers tend to be excitement-seeking, fun-loving and energetic. Driven by spontaneity they can often be found on the pursuit of new experiences and adventures.

Take a moment to think about your style choices and personality traits. Which archetype resonates most with you? By identifying and embracing your archetype, you’re setting a strong foundation for a sustainable and true-to-you wardrobe. Fashion has never been more personal and rewarding.

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